As of 1st January 2021 current Pet Passports will no longer be valid for travelling with pets to the EU. Instead, each and every time you travel you will need to have a unique ‘Animal Health Certificate’ produced by an ‘Official Veterinarian’ (we have a number of these in our team at all three branches). The certificate is valid for travel to the EU for ten days after completion and for return to the UK for four months after completion (provided the rabies vaccination remains valid). In order to get an Animal Health Certificate produced please contact your normal branch and book an appointment with one of our Official Veterinarians (reception will know which of our team are OVs). Please make it clear that your appointment is for travel to the EU and ideally give as many details about where and when you are travelling. It is advisable to not leave these appointments to the last minute! Our vet will need to examine each of the animals that you plan to travel with, and complete the certificate with their details. Up to five animals can travel at one time. If you have a Pet Passport already, do not destroy it – we can use it as part of the documentation for the Animal Health Certificate. As with the Pet Passport scheme, all animals will need to have a microchip and have had a rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to travelling, and prior to returning to the UK will require a tapeworm treatment between 24 and 120 hours of arrival in the UK.