Updated January 2021

In response to updated guidance from the government and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons we have had to make some adjustments to our current services and working protocols. As before:

  • Please do not come to the surgery if you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms that could be caused by Covid infection. If you are unwell or self-isolating and need veterinary help, contact us and we will do whatever we can to help you without compromising public health.
  • Please remain outside the practice when you arrive. Call reception and the vet will come out to see you at your car.
  • Please maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times when interacting with our staff.
  • If you are collecting medication this will be brought out to you.

Thank you for your understanding and compliance in these difficult times. We will continue to be available 24/7 in an emergency or if your pet is injured or unwell. We have been instructed by the RCVS to use telephone or video consults before seeing cases in person at the surgery and so, depending on the nature of your pet’s problem, you may be asked to have a remote consultation initially. We understand that this is not a perfect substitute for an in-person consultation and examination but we have to follow our regulator’s guidance at this time. There is a charge for these remote consultations but if you are then asked to come to the surgery for a hands-on examination you will not be charged twice for the consultation.

The rules on prescribing of medications have been temporarily relaxed so that we are allowed to dispense prescription medication without having physically examined an animal, but a remote consultation must have taken place for us to be allowed to prescribe medication.

We are limiting the amount of non-urgent work that we are doing at the moment, again due to guidance from the RCVS. Neutering can only be performed if an urgent welfare need can be demonstrated eg aggression between animals in the same house or a chance that siblings will mate if left. The majority of neutering can safely be delayed a few months until the lockdown rules are relaxed without leading to any detrimental health or welfare effects.

We are still vaccinating puppies and kittens as they have no immunity to infectious disease until vaccinated. Adult vaccinations can safely be delayed up to 15 months from the previous booster and we ask kindly that you wait as long as possible to have your pet’s booster vaccinations. Adults who have had multiple previous vaccinations are at low risk of infectious disease especially if their interaction with other animals is reduced as it will be during a lockdown.

Non-urgent dental work or surgery such as lipoma removal can also safely be delayed a few months without causing welfare or health problems.

Progesterone testing and hip/elbow scoring for animals intended for breeding is not possible under current restrictions.

Please be understanding if asked by a member of our team to have a remote consultation or delay non-urgent work. We have been told clearly by our regulators not to continue ‘business as usual’ and are doing what we can to maintain as full a service as possible under these restrictions.

We understand that this is a difficult time financially for a lot of people. If you have financial concerns relating to veterinary care that your animals require we are more than happy to tailor treatments or investigations to a range of budgets. There are nearly always different options for how to approach a case but these issues must be discussed at the start of the problem. It is much harder to work to a specific budget if we have already started investigations or treatment without being informed of financial constraints. All discussions around finances will be confidential and sympathetic so please don’t hesitate to mention this to our vets during consultations or ask to speak to a member of the management team in advance of treatment if necessary.

These are very challenging times and veterinary practices are not exempt from Covid-related pressures, but rest assured we will continue to be here for you and your pets.

The Directors

South Moor Vets

Please see below for more information on specific services:

We have put social distancing guidelines in place to protect our staff from the risk of infection. Please remember that if one of our team becomes ill the others who have been in contact with them may have to stay away from the practice for some time and this could impact severely on our ability to continue offering the services we are, including 24-hour emergency care. Some of the restrictions may seem extreme but we feel they are the best way of preventing our team becoming infected and so allowing us to maintain as full a service as possible.

On arrival at the surgery please stay by your car and call reception to let us know you have arrived. The vet will come out to discuss your concerns and will then take your pet into the surgery to be examined and given treatment as necessary. At the moment clients are still not allowed into the practice buildings. If you are collecting medication or food, please call the practice from the car, and one of our team will explain what to do next. We appreciate this is difficult in some circumstances but unfortunately is the only way we can maintain appropriate social distancing for our team, and if we relax this currently, it will result in a huge increase in the work required to clean and disinfect the premises, which would add to the already significant pressures on our team.

Home visits

We are currently only performing home visits in a few specific instances. If you absolutely cannot get your pet to the practice and they are in need of veterinary attention please contact reception to discuss.


We are currently in the process of resuming euthanasia consultations inside the practice buildings. This will be available at our Kingsbridge and Ivybridge practices within the next few weeks. Please be understanding if you see other clients being allowed into the practice, as this means they are saying goodbye to a much loved pet and may be very upset.

Repeat prescriptions/medication requests/food ordering

We are able to continue supplying medication (including flea and worm treatments) as normal. If you require more of your pet’s medication or food, please email your normal branch and our staff will order the medication/parasite treatment/food and it will be ready for collection the next day (if ordered late on Thursday or on Friday it will not be ready until Monday) or unless you are told differently. Prescription checks are required for long term medication but we have relaxed the time interval from 6 months to 9-12 months depending on the medication involved.

Posting medication

Medication is posted by 1st or 2nd class royal mail (you will be asked which option you would like) for which there is a fee. Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible if the delivery goes astray. To avoid this happening we strongly advise that you ask for special delivery meaning your package will be tracked and is insured by the post office. This will incur an additional fee.

We greatly appreciate your continued support of our practice during these extraordinary times. Our team’s health and safety must be a primary consideration alongside the protection of animal welfare and that is why we continue to have working restrictions in place. When it is safe and sensible to do so, we will relax our protocols back towards how we used to operate. Until then we would be grateful if you could co-operate as much as possible with our protocols.

Please monitor this website and our Facebook page for further updates.

Many thanks

The whole team at South Moor Vets