Did you know that around 70% of adult cats and dogs have some degree of tooth or gum disease?

During February and March we will be running a pet dental health awareness campaign. As part of this we are offering a set price for a scale and polish under general anaesthesia, for cats this will be £230 (saving 25-28%) and for dogs it will be £255 (saving 25-39%).

In many cases this will be all that is required to clean the teeth and return dental health to a good condition, but some animals will require teeth to be extracted or medication such as antibiotics – this additional work will incur charges above the set fee and we will discuss these fully before starting any work so that you are not surprised with a bigger than expected bill!

If you think your pet may benefit from dental treatment please call reception to book in for a free dental check with one of our nurses, or request a call from our nursing team to schedule your pet’s dental treatment. ​