A dog walk a day keeps the doctor away!

Research has shown that pet owners are healthier than those without an animal companion! Dog owners in particular tend to lead active lifestyles with plenty of miles covered on those daily walks. But it’s not just dog walkers who stay healthy. Our other furry friends help us to look after ourselves too.

It’s not surprising that dog owners often see a reduced risk cardio-vascular disease simply by getting out there and staying active. We all know that walking is a low stress way of exercising and keeping weight in control, and it’s easy to get the whole family involved. What could be more fun than running around with a dog, chasing and playing in the fresh air and keeping healthy at the same time?

What’s more, dog owners are less likely to feel depressed or lonely. Dogs are great companions and faithful friends who can make us feel good. Evidence also suggests that when out walking, people stop and chat more often than they might otherwise, so you may have more social contacts.

But the health benefits doesn’t just apply to dog owners. Those with cats, rabbits and other pets can also benefit from lower stress lifestyles. Stroking our pets can soothe and calm them, but it also reduces the level of stress hormone in our bodies too. Talking, stroking, or playing with our pets has the same effect our bodies as a hug!

Whilst the old saying that cats have servants and dogs have masters may be true to some extent, the bond we form with our pets is one of the key factors behind the health benefits of pets.