Spot the difference, which one is the BVD Persistently infected animal?

Want free testing to find out?

BVD is an endemic disease of cattle which costs farmers across the UK an estimated £61 million / year through mortalities, infertility and poorer performance.

In England, DEFRA has made funding available through the RDPE to 100% fund advisory visits by a vet to help farmers with breeding animals to tackle the disease on their farms.

The funding will also cover testing for BVD which takes place as part of the process. On a first come basis there is limited funding available for further testing to identify any Persistently Infected animals which might be actively spreading the disease (a PI hunt).

This project sits alongside and supports farmers in registering with the BVDFree initiative, which has been in place for 2 years.

This support is only available to registered keepers in England, and aims to engage at least 50% of the dairy and beef breeding herd in England  in BVD control by the end of 2020.

We now have 173 farms currently signed up which is excellent. We still have more funding available but it will run out soon, we will be doing a virtual meeting on Zoom in the upcoming weeks.

It is a great opportunity to make a significant and lasting improvement to cattle productivity. If you would like to get involved or you were previously signed up to a meeting which was cancelled because of Covid 19 please call the Ivybridge or Kingsbridge Practice to show your interest.

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