Facilities on site

Between our three practice sites, we have access to an extensive range of the latest laboratory equipment which aids in quick and accurate diagnosis of conditions for your pets.  Our current in-house blood machines are able to run tests that up until recently were only found in reference laboratories.  This mean that we have a rapid turn-around for results, often having answers for you within 30 mins in emergency cases.  We routinely offer a thorough ‘Wellness’ screen at a competitive price which is a useful health screen pre-operatively and to diagnose problems with your pets.

Some of our in-house facilities include:

  • Heamatology – Red and white blood cells and platlets
  • Biochemistry – this focuses on liver, kidney and pancreatic parameters
  • Electolyte levels – Sodium, Potassium, Chloride etc
  • T4 – this allows us to check thyroid hormone levels
  • SDMA – this is an accurate indicator of early kidney disease
  • CRP – this is a marker of significant inflammation and can be used to confirm a problem or monitor improvements once treatment has commenced
  • cPLi – this is an indicator of pancreatitis
  • Progesterone assay – for timing of ovulation for mating
  • Phenobarbitone monitoring – for epileptic patients
  • Full urinalysis – this includes culture, microscopy and UPC
  • Ear, skin and fine needle aspirate cytology
  • Culture and sensitivity for ears and urine samples

Whilst being able to run many tests in-house, we still need to send some samples for testing to external laboratories.  For this we use an industry-leading national laboratory which also gives us access to discuss cases with internationally renowned pathologists at any time of day.