Pet Health Plans

Welcome to South Moor Vets’ Pet Health Plan, which provides pet owners with the support they need to help their pets stay fit and healthy. It covers the regular preventative treatments your pet needs throughout life. There are great savings, and the cost of products and services included in the plan are split into convenient monthly Direct Debit payments.

The Pet Health Plan starts as soon as you have signed up online. Once you have signed up, we then take your first payment, either over the phone or at the practice. Your first Direct Debit collection will be classed as your second payment and will include a one off £10 admin fee. You will also be able to choose which day of the month your monthly payments are taken, when signing up online.

As a Pet Health Plan member your Pet will benefit from:
  • Annual vaccination and health check (excluding primary vaccination courses)
  • Complete flea, worm and tick cover every month (tasty chew for dogs, all in one spot-on for cats)
  • A six-monthly health check
  • 30% discount on Kennel Cough vaccination
  • 10% discount on blood tests, dental work, long-term medication and food brought at the practice

Our plan is designed so that by being a member you receive a large discount compared to paying for the benefits outside of the plan – up to 40% discount overall AND spread the cost over a 12 month period.

The monthly cost for our Pet Health Plans are:

Dogs under 30kg: £14.49

Dogs over 30kg: £16.49

Cats: £14.49

If you would like to speak to a member of team before you sign up, please call your local branch or email us on

*Please note that this is not an insurance plan, but a way of spreading the cost of preventative healthcare throughout the year. If you cancel your plan, we reserve the right to charge you the up to the total value of any products/discounts received.

Sign up for a Pet Health Plan

If you are already a client and wish to sign up to the Pet Health Plan, please select your chosen branch sign up link to enrol today.

If you are not yet a client yet, and would like to register please complete our registration form and let us know you are interested in enrolling on the Pet Health Plan.

For any Pet Health Plan related enquiries please email: