Many of our dairy clients opt to have routine fertility visits. This is timed to fit easily around the daily working of the farm, and is usually soon after morning milking, at a pre-arranged time of day and day of the week. One vet is designated as the vet primarily responsible for the routine, and another as back-up.

There is no visit fee for routine fertility visits (as long as they are pre-booked) and time is charged at our hourly rate.

Benefits of routine fertility visits:

  • Reduce your calving index
  • Diagnose cystic and non-cycling cows
  • Diagnose and treat uterine infection early to get cows back in calf sooner
  • Synchronise groups of heifers or cows

Routines also provide an opportunity to discuss herd health on farm.  This enables monitoring of production targets and prevention of potential problems, for example:

  • Quarterly bulk milk screening for infectious disease
  • Blood sampling for disease control and/or nutritional profiling
  • Mastitis/cell count monitoring and investigation
  • Youngstock health work

Which animals should be seen by the vet on a routine?

  • PCC – Post calving checks, cows post 21 days calved.  Early detection and treatment gives the best chance of cows returning to fertility.
  • PD – Pregnancy diagnosis – all cows that have been served 30 days. Empty cows cost about £3 per day due to reduced yield.
  • NSB – Not seen bulling –not been served by 65d
  • Remember that the bull is 50% of your fertility – it is advisable to have regular fertility testing carried out on all stock bulls

Please contact the practice to book your series of routine fertility visits.