At this heartbreaking and difficult time, making any decision can be a challenge. With this in mind, it’s good to be aware of the options available.

We can euthanase your pet either at the practice or, if you prefer, at your home.

Following euthanasia there are three options to choose from. Firstly, some owners wish to keep their pet for burial at home. The second option is for cremation without the ashes being returned. And finally, there is the option of an individual cremation with the ashes being returned to the owner.

For cremations, we work with a local, family owned company called Meadow Wood, based in Churchstow. They offer various options for your pet’s ashes, for example a Scatter Pouch, Tribute Urn or Photo Casket.

Please ask us for one of their leaflets or visit their website:

You will need to instruct the vet as to your wishes regarding the return of your pet’s

ashes (i.e. what ‘vessel’ you’d prefer to receive them back in) and we will then instruct Meadow Wood of your wishes.

You will then need to contact Meadow Wood and pay them directly for their services. Once you’ve paid them, they will release your pet’s ashes into our care and we will telephone you to let you know they are back in the Practice ready for collection. Alternatively, you can liaise with Meadow Wood directly and collect the ashes from their offices in Churchstow – 01548 853785.


Option 1: Fee For Euthanasia Only – Owner Requests Home Burial

Dog:                £80.00

Cat:                 £60.00

Rabbit:           £32.50

Option 2: Fee For Euthanasia Including Cremation (Cremation With Others – Ashes Not Returned)

Dog:                £100.00

Cat:                 £75.00

Rabbit:           £42.50

Option 3: Fee For Euthanasia Only – Owner Requests Individual Cremation With Ashes Returned

(please instruct the vet as to your wishes for the ashes and pay Meadow Wood directly)

Dog:                £80.00 (+ separate Meadow Wood fee)

Cat:                 £60.00 (+ separate Meadow Wood fee)

Rabbit:           £32.50 (+ separate Meadow Wood fee)

Home Visit charge (not including Euthanasia)

Visit local (under 2 miles)  £35.00

Visit more than 2 miles      £45.00