Puppy Parties

Here at South Moor Vets we offer our clients 2 FREE ‘puppy parties’ at either our Endsleigh or Kingsbridge branch. You and your new family member can attend for 2 consecutive weeks as soon as they have had their 1st vaccination.

What is a ‘Puppy Party’?

This is an informal get together with a small group of puppies of a similar age. Our aim is for them to have a positive experience at the surgery, whilst meeting new people and puppies. We have a maximum of 6 puppies per session, so that it can be supervised correctly in a controlled environment. This allows the quieter puppies to have nothing but a good experience and grow in confidence during the all-important socialisation period.

What is the ‘socialisation period’?

The socialisation period is from birth to between 12 and 16 weeks of age, depending on the breed. As most puppies stay with the breeder until 8 weeks of age, they are already half way through this period when they arrive in their new home. This is when your puppy is the most open-minded, taking in and learning about their new surroundings. This makes it the perfect time for your puppy to get use to a wide range of experiences, from meeting other animals and people, hearing loud noises such as house hold appliances, travelling in the car etc. If they have a positive experience with something, they are much less likely to develop any phobias or issues regarding that encounter in the future.

What can I expect?

The first session can be daunting for your puppy as they’ve usually only been with you in their new home for a matter of days. During the first part of the session they will take turns being on the floor by themselves, allowing them to have a good sniff and get to know the new environment. Once each puppy has been down they will be allowed to play in carefully controlled small groups, usually 2-3, for a few minutes before the groups are rotated.

Who runs the session?

The session will be run by an experienced member of staff with a keen interest in behaviour, training and puppies! They will usually sit on the floor with the puppies so they can intervene if needed and offer comfort to those who are a little unsure at first.

What will you gain from puppy parties?

  • Advice on socialisation, basic training tips, exercise, diet and parasite control.
  • Helpful tips from fellow puppy owners who are going through the same things as you!
  • Recommended local puppy training classes

What will your puppy gain from puppy parties?

  • Meet new people, children and puppies of a similar age in a controlled environment
  • Quieter puppies will learn how to communicate with bouncy puppies and vice versa
  • Learn how to communicate and interact with a variety of different breeds that come in all shapes and sizes!
  • Continue learning the ‘bite inhibition’
  • Get use to coming to the vets for a fun, positive experience!

When and where are they held?

They are held at Endsleigh every Monday from 4-5pm, and at Kingsbridge every Wednesday from 4-5pm.

To book your place please call 01752 892390 for Endsleigh and 01548 852766 for Kingsbridge

If you are unable to attend a session please call and let us know as we often have a waiting list

There is a maximum of 6 puppies per session so book early to avoid disappointment!