The Summer holidays are here at last! They can often bring with them a change in routine for us and our pets. Holidays are booked, children are off school and more time spent is usually spent around the home. It’s a time for fun and relaxation, but for some pets it can cause extra stress and worry.

We all think of our pets as part of the family, so here are a few things to consider during the holidays to help them feel stress free. For some pets, the extra noise, attention and excitement is the best thing that has happened! But for others, it can all prove a bit too much.

Withdrawal from the family or hiding away can be one sure sign of stress. Our pets may play less, change their appetite or sleeping habits and some may show repetitive behaviours such as pacing or restlessness. In cats, over grooming can often be a sign of anxiety as can urinating in the house or spending more time outdoors.

To keep your pets happy and stress free over the summer, here are a few tips:

– Keep your routine as regular as possible

– Provide a ‘safe place’ or den where your pet can get away from it all

– Involve children in your pets training and increase positive interactions

Prepare for taking pets away with you by bringing along familiar toys and bedding, and plan your journey to have regular breaks for your pet. If using a cattery or kennels, taking your pet’s usual toys and bedding can help them settle in too.

If you think your pet may be worried about what the Summer holidays has in store, ask us about calming aids such as pheromone plug ins, collars and stress reducing supplements.