South Moor Vets protocol on Coronavirus

Protocol on Coronavirus

South Moor Vets protocol on Coronavirus


During March we are offering FREE senior clinics with a veterinary nurse…

Lumps and bumps month!

Most pet owners will worry if they see a lump or bump on their pet. It’s always important to get any lump, however small, checked out…

It’s Weight & Nutrition Month in January

The diet starts next week… isn’t that what people always say?! But what would your pets say if they were told it’s time to review how much they’re eating and how much they’re exercising?

Christmas Hazards…

Christmas is a time for celebration… not a time when you want an unexpected trip to the vets! It’s important to remember that Christmas can create additional hazards for our pets. So here’s some top tips to stay safe this Christmas.

Dental Month in November…

We’re offering FREE Dental Checks during November, so you can make sure your pets get their teeth checked over whether you’re concerned about something or just want peace of mind.

Tortoise hibernation – and how to do it!

We are very happy to announce that exotics expert Dr Livia Benato will be travelling down from Exeter to speak to us about hibernation and how to prepare for it.

Firework fears…

Our pets can’t understand what fireworks are about. To them, the loud noises and bright flashes are scary and unexpected and our pets often want to escape from what is a high-stress situation for them.